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GHOST - Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent

May 19, 2008

Fred Burton has a new book coming out in three weeks, and I want you to read it.  It's important.  What this book makes abundantly clear is two things:  one, the world is swirling around the bowl; and two, there are some truly good people out there trying to do something about it.

GHOST:  Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent reads like a thriller novel.  (I've put the preface at the end of this email.)  I read it in one night.  And after every chapter I paused for a minute to let it soak in that this isn't something from Clancy's imagination but is instead the real experiences of a man I work with every day.  I can absolutely promise you that you'll have a different perspective on the world after you've read this.  And I hope you'll take a moment to thank the people, civilian and military, that are trying to put the world back on the rails.

I want you to read this book.  Click here to buy it from us, and I'll also include a Stratfor Membership so that you can read the other work that Fred and his team do at Stratfor.  Fred's still serving the public, among other things as part of the Governor's border security taskforce in Texas.  His team is doing some of the best work in the world on the narcoterrorism that's tearing Mexico apart.

What GHOST makes all too clear is that the people terrorists kill aren't just news stories; they're real people.  It's easy to lose that perspective, and I hope that you'll read this book and get it back.  It's important that you do.
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