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US to help Saudis Gain Nuclear Technology For What?

May 17, 2008
Right Side News
saudiflag.gifSeems our administration forgets the past. In 2003, the Saudi's expressed a very keen interest in  to aquire The Bomb due to the conditions in the Middles East at that particular time. Well, it appears the conditions in the Middle East have become more intense, but now they want "nuclear technology" for power and peaceful purposes.  So does Iran, right?  The Saudi's have exported their Sharia and Mosque network to the United States, and now desire "nuclear technology" for peaceful purposes? We don't believe that.  Trading nuke technology for more oil, or to balance the power in the Middle East is insane. 

In 2003, from The Guardian news report, the Saudis motivation to aquire The Bomb are listed as follows:
· To acquire a nuclear capability as a deterrent;
· To maintain or enter into an alliance with an existing nuclear power that would offer protection;
· To try to reach a regional agreement on having a nuclear-free Middle East.

It is clear to see that a "nuclear-free" Middle East is not possible, so it is only logical to conclude Saudi Arbia desires not nuclear power for energy and peaceful purposes, but to acquire The Bomb as a deterrent.

There is no other logical explanation, and our President Bush and the current administration are going down the unspeakable path of providing nuclear technology to the Saudis, who are networking our country with their political Islamic institutions and subverting our judicial system.  This can not happen, and the American Citizen must not allow it.
ACTION ALERT: U.S. to help Saudis gain nuclear technology

Today the United American Committee is alerting its members to an issue at hand that the UAC finds utterly disgusting, troubling, and gravely dangerous.

The United States government has agreed to help the radical kingdom called Saudi Arabia develop nuclear technology for power and other “peaceful” purposes. See the news article here.

The UAC wishes to remind everyone of an article from 2003 describing the Saudi kingdom's intense desire to develop a nuclear bomb.

Due to overwhelming evidence and hard facts, the UAC firmly believes that the Saudi kingdom is the chief exporter of terrorism and extremism in the world. The kingdom spend billions of dollars on exporting their extremist ideology through the construction of radical mosques and madrassas throughout the world, as well as direct support to terror support in the form of money to the families of suicide bombers, as well as direct contributions to charities in the United States who believe in establishing Islamic law in America. The kingdom also spends billions of dollars supporting lobbying activities to influence our government officials.

We urge every United American Committee member and activist within the anti-jihad resistance to contact their congressman and senators to let your opinion be known.

Find your congressman by following this link.
Find your senator by following this link.

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