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Majority of Americans oppose Comprehensive Immigration Reform or Amnesty

May 8, 2008

by William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

We painfully watch as a few designer polls, that falsely claim a majority of Americans support "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" or a "path to citizenship" for illegal aliens currently in the US, get a great deal of press in the print media. The large volume of polls that contradict this claim get little coverage in the media.

But now the proof is truly in, and I hope many will join with me in daring Congress to take up "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" in 2008. Come on Congress, make my day!

The reason this unpopular legislation failed last year and the reason Congress is reluctant to take the issue up during an election year is they know the truth is a majority of American reject changing the current laws to allow illegal aliens to stay in the US.

If the propaganda coming out of the mouths of open borders fanatics like Rep. Joe Baca, (D-CA) or Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) were true, then members of Congress would be rushing to bring the legislation to the floor and eager to campaign on it in the 2008 elections. The fact that members of Congress do not want to address the legislation or campaign on it is proof that a majority of Americans reject the legislation.

Furthermore, if a majority of Americans really favored "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" amnesty, then why have 35 states passed immigration enforcement only legislation over the first few months in 2008? Why would Michigan, Oregon, and Maine cut off licenses to illegal aliens?

While a small group of states have passed a very small volume of bills to assist illegal aliens, the trend is clear that 95% of the legislation is designed to detect and arrest illegal aliens, push them out of jobs, and stop them from driving or receiving taxpayer benefits!

According to today's article by Patricia Zapor titled 'States take up immigration bills; Congress stays on sidelines' state legislators have considered more than 1,100 bills already in 2008 and the vast majority are for enforcement and lacking the benefits described in the DC bills calling for reform.

This is because most of our state legislators know what the public wants and are responding with enforcement bills.

So we can see that the massive trend towards enforcement only laws passed by states during an election year, combined with Congress trying to pretend the bills don't exist are proof that the public mandate rejects "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"

In closing, I want to point out that we have hundreds of polls showing that nearly 80% of Americans want the borders secured, local police enforcing immigration laws, no licenses for illegal aliens, no taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens, and businesses that hire illegal aliens to be punished.

The "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" bills supported by Baca, Gutierrez, McCain, Kennedy, Graham, Martinez, Clinton, Obama etc. would override all of the existing laws, which are supported by the public in these polls. It is insanity to believe the fake assertion that 80% of Americans oppose licenses for illegal aliens, but would support a bill in Washington that would give them all licenses. Are we to believe that 80% of Americans want local police to enforce immigration laws, but not on the 12-20 million illegal aliens in the US after Comprehensive Immigration Reform passed? By what stretch of the imagination should anyone believe that 80% of Americans do not want taxpayer benefits going to illegal aliens but it would be OK to give them taxpayer benefits after they paid a small fine and signed up for a new ID under Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

The truth is that the overwhelming evidence proves that a super majority of Americans oppose Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Guest Worker Program, Temporary Worker Program, Path to Citizenship, etc... That is why the supporters of amnesty have to keep changing the name!

A majority of Americans support the enforcement of our existing immigration laws only, which results in illegal aliens returning home on their own or with government assistance.

Any lawmaker, candidate, reporter, activist, or organization that supports the current lack of enforcement of the existing laws, or supports the overthrow of these laws by passage of new legislation, which a majority of Americans oppose, is a traitor to the American republic and an enemy of the citizens of the United States.

"We The People of the United States" will hold each of you accountable for the lost American jobs, tax monies, and lives suffered because of your agenda. We will hold you accountable for attempting to overthrow our Republic for which our flag stands, destroying the self governance of our citizenry, and subjugating the American majority by depriving us of the power to decide policy in our own nation at the behest of Global corporations.

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