Olmert Scandal Will Shock the Country

Written by Lekarev Report


May 5, 2008
The Lekarev Report

According to a report on Army Radio today, the findings in the most recent scandal surrounding Prime Minister Olmert will "shock the country" when revealed. A partial gag order will be lifted on the case as soon as tomorrow.

In response to a media request to publicize the findings on the basis that "the public has a right to know", Attorney General Mazuz's office said that details will be published as soon as possible. Spokesmen also said that in the interests of getting to the truth and completing a thorough investigation, it is important that the fraud unit continue its work quietly. Mazuz, along with the Chief Investigator of the Israeli Police and the State Prosecutor said in a joint statement, "True, a situation in which the Prime Minister is questioned by police under caution, but the public is not given even general information about the suspicions and suspects, arouses difficulties from a public standpoint, as well as a legal standpoint. This is clear."

"At the same time," they continued, "it is important to clarify that, as opposed to the public's right to know, there is also the vital public interest of not harming the chance to get at the truth."

The announcement by Mazuz and colleagues stated, "The unusual circumstances of the present case necessitated an urgent investigation of the Prime Minister and a gag order on all its details. The court issued the order after it was convinced of its necessity."
"In light of the obvious sensitivity," the statement continued, "and in light of the legal and public ramifications of this investigation, a special effort is being made by all those involved to hurry it as much as possible."

Meanwhile, former Olmert aide, Shula Zaken, is under house arrest at least until Friday in connection with this case.

Channel 2 Television News quoted senior sources Sunday night as saying that the case was moving quickly toward an indictment.
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