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Hamas Scores More Points

May 3, 2008
Dani Reshef
hammamsaeed.jpgThe Islamic Action Front (IAF) in Jordan, a cover name and organization for the JORDANIAN branch of the Muslims Brotherhood elected, on Friday 05/02/2008, in a marginal vote of 1, a new leader, Spiritual Guide in their terminology, in Jordan - the former Hamas militant and Jordanian PM Hammam Saeed to replace the more moderate leader Salem Falahat.

In the last election in Jordan, in 11/2007, IAF suffered a major setback and lost 11 places in the 110 seats of the Common House - from 17 members to 6 only. Salem Falahat was blamed for the blow and especially for accepting the nomination by King Abdallah II as member of the Upper House of Parliament, also known as the King’s Council.

Hammam Saeed was born in 1944 in Jenin in the nowadays Palestinian Authority and then under British mandate.  He is a law professor and was the deputy of Islamic Action Front in the years 2002-2006. Hammam Saeed is considered to be a trusted follower of HAMAS leader Khaled Meshaal.

HAMAS scored three goals last week (04/27-05/02/2008).

A. In the indirect involvement of Syria and Iran in the Gaza Talks, taking place in Cairo, Egypt, through EGYPTIAN mediation, about a cease fire with Israel and the opening, in return, of the border crossing with Gaza for free movement of goods and people. Israel is giving up many of its former positions in order to reach some sort of agreement. (See – Gaza-talks )

B. The international quartet – Russia, UN, USA and the European Union, which convene in London, admitted that the international blockade on the HAMAS in Gaza is counterproductive and failed and a new policy, which includes some sort of recognition of the HAMAS as ruling, practically, of Gaza Strip is needed. (See – FLIK-FLAK )

C. A former senior HAMAS member was elected as the Islamic Action Front (IAF) in Jordan enlarging the political support for the HAMAS in Jordan and the Arab world and emphasizes, when it comes to the real feelings of ordinary Palestinians, that the HAMAS is the real leading power in minds and hearts of a many Palestinians.

Eventually the consistent policy of targeting intentionally and deliberately Israeli civilian population around Gaza Strip, while using its own population as a protective shield against any Israeli possible response, and blaming Israel as inhuman and causing humanitarian disaster, whether it is true or not, pays off. The HAMAS is now more legitimized in the international community then ever before.

Just to remind - the Hamas is not in the peace business – its openly consistent policy is to free Palestine “from the river to the sea” and to form an Islamic state instead of Israel - not alongside Israel. The prospect of peace in the Middle East suffered a major setback last week.          
SOURCE:Global Jihad


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