Open War

Written by Dani Reshef


April 20, 2008
by Dani Reshef
allahmoqtada.jpg Saturday 04/19/2008, Moqtada Sadr (Right), the IRAQI Shiite leader, has threatened from his hideout in Iran, to declare "open war" if a security crackdown by IRAQI and US forces against his militia, the “Mahdi Army”,  is not called off. 

The term "open war", although it is not completely clear, was used the first time, just about two month ago, on 02/14/2008, by Moqtada Sadr’s identical duplicate Hassan Nasserallah (Left), the Hizbullah leader, in the funeral oration of Imad Mughniyah two days after his mysterious “assassination”.

Hassan Nasserallah hinted that since Israel expended the war against the Hizbullah to other countries such as Syria, outside the Borders of Lebanon, and by that, according to Hizbullah, breached all the unwritten codes of war, supposedly exist between Hizbullah and Israel, and actually declared “open war” on Hizbullah, the Hizbullah will retaliate with an “open war” of its own, probably attacks on ISRAELI targets all over the world. Hassan Nasserallah made his promises in the presence of an IRANIAN senior delegation led by IRANIAN Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki

Indeed Hizbullah retaliated the killing of his predecessor Abbas Moussaoui by an ISRAELI Helicopter gunship, on 02/16/1992, with attacks against Jews and ISRAELI institutions on, 03/17/1992 and 07/18/1994, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eventually it was fully uncovered that the attacks were carried out by the IRANIAN Revolutionary Guard infrastructure and emphasized the full integration between Hizbullah as a proxy of the IRANIAN conglomerate in the Middle East, based on the Shiaa communities.

The Shiites in Lebanon, just as in Iraq, are the majority of the population in their Multi-Sectarians country. In both countries the Shiites refer to their religious clerics as their authentic representatives and to the Shiite Militias, whether it is the Hizbullah in Lebanon or the “Mahdi Army” in Iraq, as their Army. In both countries the loyalty of the Shiite soldiers, which are the also the majority of the ranks, is, first of all, to their religious clerics and to their Shiaa communities. The Lebanese army, just the same as the IRAQI Army, can not confront the Shiaa community and its pro IRANIAN religious leadership without crumbling from within. (See – Basra Police

The “Open war” threatened by the twin Shiite leaders Hassan Nasserallah and Moqtada Sadr, under the full sponsorship of Iran, is indeed a “open war’ with the IRANIAN conglomerate, coordinated by the IRANIAN Revolutionary Guard and supervised by the IRANIAN Political leadership.
Source: Global Jihad 

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