Hamas Endorses Barack Obama

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April 21, 2008
The Lekarev Report

In a head spinning effort to make Senator John McCain the bad guy of a story, CNN has taken the voiced support for Barack Obama by the terrorist organization Hamas and turned it into a finger pointing at Republican John McCain for being 'mean' to Obama. Talk about spin, writes Warner T. Huston of newsbusters.org, CNN has really done a doosie here. Taking the words of the terrorists in Hamas and placing them in McCain's mouth is simply unbelievable. But that's exactly what they've done.

CNN's Political Ticker Blog showed us some gymnastics worthy of the Olympics -- or more correctly a contortionist -- to turn the words of a terrorist into those of John McCain in their ridiculously titled post, "McCain camp says Hamas wants Obama."

On April 16th, Ahmed Yousef, chief political adviser to the Prime Minister of Hamas, did indeed endorse Barack Obama in an interview on WABC radio.
Our friends over at Powerline posted the audio of the interview where the Hamas operative expressed his admiration for Obama and his hopes that Obama wins the upcoming election.

On Sunday, Aaron Klein and John Batchelor interviewed Ahmed Yousef, chief political adviser to the Prime Minister of Hamas, on WABC radio. The interview produced a scoop which, for some reason, has not been widely publicized: Hamas has endorsed Barack Obama for President. Yousef said, "We like Mr. Obama and we hope he will win the election." Why? "He has a vision to change America." Maybe Yousef has some insight into what Obama means by all these vague references to "change."

Now, this audio had been out there for three days before CNN wrote their story 'tsk tsking 'John McCain for being a meanie. One wonders why they did not note that McCain isn't the one that said Hamas supports Barack Obama? If one were to read only the CNN piece, one would think that McCain is the one who made the allegation.

CNN did try later on the 18th to update the piece to reflect that they were made aware of the WABC interview. However, they didn't make much effort to correct their erroneous take on the story.

It was a pretty cynical attempt to attack McCain when all McCain was doing was highlighting the truth.  Continued evidence of media distortions.
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