Daring Hamas Raid On Border Crossing

Written by Dani Reshef


April 19, 2008
Dani Reshef

kremshalpm.jpgOn Saturday 04/19/2008 morning, at about 06:30 the Hamas in Gaza Strip launched a sophisticated suicide attack on Kerem Shalom crossing in the southern Gaza Strip.

The attack began with a heavy mortar shells barrage on the Kerem Shalom crossing and the surrounding area which began in 06:30. Under the cover of the bombardment two Palestinian Jeeps loaded with explosives and driven by suicide bombers attacked the military positions that protect the crossing from the EGYPTIAN side and exploded causing wounds to 13 ISRAELI soldiers, 11 were lightly wounded and the two others more seriously.

Using the cover of the bombardment and the confusion resulted from the double suicide attack an armored car - which may have once belonged to Fatah security forces, and was taken by HAMAS when they took over Gaza Strip in 07/2007 (See - Two Palestininss ), entered into the crossing. HAMAS fighters, then, jumped from the vehicle and stormed an IDF position, probably in order to kidnap an ISRAELI soldier. 4 Palestinian were killed in the attack including the two suicide bombers. The rest of the Palestinian assault squad managed to retreat back to Gaza Strip. ISRAELI Forces then entered Gaza in order to search for the retreating HAMAS gunmen.

Almost simultaneously another armored vehicle was identified approaching the Kissufim Crossing, north of Kerem Shalom. An IDF tank fired at the vehicle and hit it, apparently preventing a second attack.

Source: Global Jihad 

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