Carter Accuses Israel of Starving Gaza

Written by The Lekarev Report


April 18, 2008
The Lekarev Report
crazycarter.jpgFormer US President Jimmy Carter says Palestinians living in Gaza are being "starved to death" by Israel.

Carter leveled the accusation while speaking to students at the American University in Cairo on Thursday, saying that Gaza Arabs are receiving fewer calories per day than people in the poorest regions of Africa.  "It's an atrocity, what is being perpetrated as punishment on the people in Gaza," said Carter. "It is a crime. I think it is an abomination that this continues to go on."

His accusation is particularly despicable since he has not even stepped foot in Gaza for one thing.  Secondly, he failed to mention the tons of humanitarian aid which Israel authorizes and to that end, that the crossings are open DAILY  to take food for truckloads of food, medical supplies and other necessities into Gaza.  Thirdly, he neglected to mention that the region's crossings with the rest of Israel have been closed since the Islamist Hamas terrorist organization seized total control of the area and began launching constant attacks on Israeli civilians.

Not once did he blame Hamas for the condition of the people over whom it is ruling.

Case in point:  At the very same time yesterday that Carter was denigrating Israeli treatment of Gaza residents, Hamas terrorists infiltrated through the Keren Shalom Crossing and attacked an IDF post while trucks were passing through the crossing with provisions for Gaza residents.

In defiance of the American government, Carter is meeting today in Damascus with Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal, who is the apparent power behind Gilad Shalit's kidnappers.

One of our subscribers wrote in yesterday to say that he is "embarrassed and ashamed" at Carter's behavior and suggested that his defiance against the government and country he once served as president should earn him exile.  "If I was there, when his plane landed bringing him back to Georgia, I'd refuse him entry into the United States!" this subscriber wrote.

Dozens of other American subscribers wrote in and asked me to please convey to the people of Israel that thousands and thousands of Americans are furious and appalled at Carter's "coddling" of terrorists and denigration of Israel.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., told FOX News that "at best, President Carter is being naive" in trying to negotiate with avowed terrorists. "There is a long list of people who thought they could reason with dictators and killers, going back to Neville Chamberlain and Hitler in the 1930s, but it has been shown to be absolutely wrong."

Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., told FOX News that she advocates revoking Carter's passport and supports a measure to withdraw all federal funding from his Georgia-based institution, the Carter Center.

"We have a policy in this country about Hamas and he is deliberately undermining that policy," Myrick said. "Why should we support his center when he will not support his government?"

Good for her!
SOURCE: The Lekarev Report

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