The Obama Culture War: Our First Anti-American Candidate for President?

Written by American Patrol Report


April 12, 2008
American Patrol Report                        
Obama says "Yes we Can", but I say...."What's the Cost?"
obama.jpgPR-Inside.com -- April 12
Chicago-based Obama expert and Internet columnist Andy Martin will hold a 1:00 P.M. Chicago news conference Saturday, April 12th, to condemn Senator Barack Obama for suggesting that small-town America is 'bitter' about America and that Americans 'cling' to 'guns' and 'religion' as an outlet for their bitterness.
Andres Oppenheimer -- February 19, 2008 ...On immigration, Obama aides say he was more active than Clinton in pushing for the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that failed to pass in Congress last year, and that would have provided a path to legalization to millions of undocumented workers. -- Read more....

"They cling to guns or religion or
antipathy to people who are not like
 them or anti-immigrant sentiment..."
Huffington Post
-- 4/11/08
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