Dangerous Sudan

Written by Dani Reshef


April 3, 2008
Dani Reshef

sudandar.jpgSudan which stretches on 2,505,000 km and has a population of about 40 millions, is one the most dangerous countries in the world to its own population as well as its neighbor and region. Only about 8 millions are from Arab origin and the rest from African origin. About 3.5 millions black Sudanese from the south are Christians. Sudan is practically ruled by the Arab Sunnite Muslim minority and extremely dangerous to the African majority - Christian and Muslims alike.

The Sudanese society is based on Arab supremacy, Islamic extremity and abuse of other groups, mainly through slave trade and slavery which exist in Sudan up to nowadays.

Since a second civil war erupted in southern Sudan, after 12 years of interval, in 1983, between Muslim Arabs from the North and local African Christian tribes in the south, more than 2 million people have died and at least 4 million have been driven from their homes. Many victims of the violence and related famines have been Christian civilians. The atrocities were of the worst committed in the world after World War II.

When a peace treaty was agreed on 01/09/2005 to share political power and the wealth of the oil rich South, the Arab Sudanese were already engaged in another atrocity against fellow Sunnite Muslims in Darfur region, who happened to be not Arabs but black Africans and dared to demand political rights and a sort of autonomy. According to UN estimation more the 300,000 were already killed since 2003 and more the 1 million displaced and the atrocities are going on despite the intervention of the international community.

Dr John Garang, the Christian leader of the South and the Vice President according to the peace treaty with the South, died in a “mysterious” helicopter crash on 08/01/2005, less then 7 months after his nomination.

Sudan sheltered Al Qaeda in its early stages of rebuilding and reforming its international network in the years 1992-1996. Today (04/2008) Sudan is engaged in a conflict with neighbor Chad after she blamed Chad of sheltering Darfur insurgents and supported a military coup against the Chadian regime that failed in 02/2008. Border clashes on the Sudan-Chadian border and verbal attacks occur on daily basis.

On 03/07/2008 Iran and Sudan signed a defence cooperation agreement in Teheran, IRAN’s capital, and the IRANIAN Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics Mostafa Mohammad Najjar is scheduled to visit Khartoum, Sudan’s Capital on 04/04/2008.

IRAN can help Sudan to upgrade its old soviet based military technology to a more modern IRANIAN technology and Sudan can provide IRAN with the option of storing some of its sensitive, nuclear technology on Sudanese soil out of reach of American or Israeli possible preventive attack against IRAN. Sudan can also provide IRAN with a front base to handle the weapon smuggling to Gaza Strip and a training base for Hamas activists in Sudan under IRANIAN supervision.

Sudan was always a dangerous country but the new alliance with Iran made Sudan a part of the Anti-American axis (Axis of Evil in American terms) and more dangerous to the stability of East Africa and the Middle East. 
SOURCE: Global Jihad

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