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The Gaza Strip, Waziristan, and Basra

April 1, 2008

by Dani Reshef
gazaloyal.jpgAfter the Hamas won the Palestinian Authority elections in 01/15/2006, USA equipped and trained, with the help of UK, the Palestinian security forces loyal to Fatah and President Mahmoud Abbas, so they will be able to cope with HAMAS, especially in Gaza Strip.

When the confrontation with HAMAS breached out in Gaza in 07/2007 the Fatah forces, including the elite Presidential Guard, melted within three day, without really fighting back, under outnumbered and poorly equipped HAMAS. The expectation that Fatah fighters will fight to the end against their fellow Palestinians, with whom they share the same hostility toward Israel, often from the same family or clan, or against their neighbors and childhood friends, was somehow unrealistic. Although there is division of opinions between Fatah and Hamas it is far from enough to provoke a real civil war. In fact the Fatah suffered from internal disintegration and desertion. (See - HAMAS 08.2007 )


khybarloyal.jpgSince the Lal Mosque crisis in Pakistan in 07/2007 PAKISTAN plunged to a CIVIL WAR. PAKISTANI troops were sent to the outlaw tribal areas in the North-East of the country, known as Waziristan, in order to take on the pro Taliban leaders in the region. Unique to this civil war was the many hundreds captured soldiers who “went missing” during military operations in Waziristan. For example, in the first week of 10/2007 another batch of more than 200 soldiers was captured, apparently without a fight. The PAKISTANI army proves to be a good one in confrontations with India in Kashmir.
The phenomenon of large number of PAKISTANI soldiers who “went missing”, very often without a fight, suggests that the army suffers from desertion and low moral. The common PAKISTANI drafted soldier is a devoted Muslim, generally ready to fight against the enemy of PAKISTAN and Islam but not against his fellow Muslims on behalf of USA, as it is presented by the Taliban or other Islamic clerics in Pakistan. Waziristan is an outlaw region which shelters Al Qaeda leaders and Muslims extremists such as Baitullah Mehsud. In fact the PAKISTANI regime was forced to reach a sort of a cease fire in the region or face possible disintegration within the army ranks. (See - PAKISTANI ARMY )


basra11.jpgSince the British army handed over control of Basra to the Iraqis, in 12/2007, there is a constant deterioration in public security in Basra, when criminal gangs and Shiite militias rule Basra streets. (See – Basra Protest ). The Shiite militias enforced, brutally, an Islamic strict code in Basra - bypassing the Iraqi law. Over 70 women were slain in Basra in 2007 because of how they dressed - their mutilated bodies found with notes warning against "violating Islamic teachings”. When Iraq army was sent to take on the Shiite militias in Basra just a week ago, on 03/25/2008, the determind PM Nuri al Maliki was forced, soon, to extend his 72 hours deadline up to 10 more days, till the 04/08/2008 evening, when he found out that many of the soldiers, most of them Shiites, evaded fulfilling the orders. In fact, PM Nuri al Maliki was forced to negotiate a cease fire deal with Shiite militias or otherwise to face desertion and disintegration within the army ranks. (See - Basra 03.2008 )

All over the Islamic World when American money and USA proxies confront Islamic devotion - Islamic militants, easily, overcome USA supported and equipped allies. It is because the sympathy to Islamic values are much more genuine then supporting imported American values completely alien to Muslim society.
SOURCE: Global Jihad 

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