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A Lesson From Dresden: 1945 to 2008

(Know your history, learn from your history, OR live it over!)
March 22, 2008 
Eliav Bar-Hai

dresden.jpg 63 years ago the Allied Air Forces bombed the German city of Dresden into oblivion and thus accelerated the final defeat of the Nazi regime and brought a rapid end to the Second World War just four months later. Today's Islamo-Fascist Jihad is gaining ground against the non-Islamic world and the Islamists are now on the threshold of obtaining nuclear weapons.

Pakistan, a Moslem country, is already nuclear. The failure of the West, including the USA, Europe and Israel to recognize and deal seriously with this existential threat could have catastrophic ramifications for the future of mankind in the relatively near future. It is therefore highly enlightening and educationally imperative to review the concluding events of WWII and thus gain a better perspective of how imperialistic Satanic-Fascist national cults have been successfully dealt with in the past.

hitler.jpgBy Spring of 1945 the war in Europe and Asia against the Fascists had been won militarily yet the two primary Axis powers were still defiant and determined to fight to the end in the hope of causing the maximum number of American and British casualties even if defeat was inevitable. The large task that still remained for the Allies was the invasion and occupation of Germany and Japan. To this end the US and Great Britain intensified their aerial bombardment of Germany in preparation for the final assault.

The allies decided to "upgrade" their tactics to achieve the maximum psychological impact on the enemy to teach him the folly of further resistance. This new campaign reached its peak in a massive bombardment of the city of Dresden on the night of February 13, 1945. The RAF dispatched some 200 heavily-laden aircraft during the night that were followed the next day by 400 bombers of the US 8th Air Force followed by three more waves of bombings in March and April.

The aircraft dropped incendiary bombs on one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful architectural monuments, built from wood to a large extent, and succeeded in obliterating virtually the entire city. Some 100,000 German civilians were incinerated (some estimates range as high as 135,000) – as many people as were killed in the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima six months later.

Dresden had no military installations or strategic value other than being a communications center. The primary purpose of the bombing was to assist the advance of the Red Army and to demoralize the German population and further weaken their resolve to defend the Fatherland. (Enclosed data can be verified in Encylopedia Britannica – International Relations WWII).

The "success" of the attack on Dresden inspired a change of tactics on the Japanese front as well. Instead of high altitude bombing runs in daylight that caused little damage, low-level night-time napalm strikes were initiated with impressive results. The first, on the night of March 9-10, destroyed 25% of Tokyo’s flimsy wood buildings killing more than 80,000 people – twice the number killed at Nagasaki in the second atomic bomb attack, and made more than 1 million homeless. Similar raids followed against Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka, and Yokohama.

This phenomenal carnage was not "collateral damage" (an American euphemism for inadvertent killing of civilians) but targeted mass annihilation of civilian populations for its morale-weakening contribution to a military effort. The ultimate political goal of the above military effort was to destroy Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan – two nations whose organized national purpose, supported by their civilian populations, was to violently take over other nations by willful, indiscriminate and large-scale killing.

What is the significance of these last-century events for Israel and the West in the context of the on-going ruthless Islamic war against "global non-belief" (a Wahabi Islamic term for all non-Moslems).

First, the Allies in WWII recognized that total existential war is fought between peoples or nations. This is decidedly different from today's politically correct and militarily impotent "War On Terror." The German and Japanese people whole-heartedly supported an aggressive, genocidal and ruthless war effort, willingly sent their sons and husbands to fight and butcher in the name of the Emperor and Fuhrer, and participated in a campaign of total war against civilian populations.

The British lost 93,000 civilians in German air raids, the Chinese are estimated to have lost 20 million at the hands of the Japanese, the Russians suffered 5 million civilians killed, and the Jewish People suffered 6 million murdered in history’s worst ethnic genocide.

For some unfathomable reason all of Israel's post 1967 governments (including Menahem Begin and Yitzhak Shamire) refuse to acknowledge this harsh fact but the Palestinian people are indeed at war – a vicious all-out war to the death – with the Jewish People. And the Palestinian front is only one of several Islamic fronts against Western Civilization, Christianity, and even non-Jihadist Islamic governments. In Islamic eyes, the main enemy is "The Big Satan" – America, the leader and strongest power of the non-Islamic world and therefore the primary challenge to Islam's vision of itself as the ultimate destiny of mankind.

The secondary and more local enemy is "The Little Satan" – Israel, the hated Jewish country which is anathema to Islam as a result of Islamic theology that teaches its adherents that Islam supplanted Judaism. And this hatred is further exacerbated because Israel "occupies" what they consider to be Islamic land which they see as an affront to God and a challenge to Islam. (The games they play with Israel and America regarding a "two-state solution" is strictly for external purposes)
The front line Islamic soldiers are now students, academics, fathers, and most recently young mothers and grandmothers. Their arena of battle is the Israeli home front – restaurants, yeshivot, buses, shopping centers –the heart of the civilian population. They have fostered a satanic death cult taught in schools and spread through popular songs, summer camps, TV and radio programs, etc. Palestinian mothers proudly celebrate their sons/daughters shahid-dom and the fathers enjoy improved social status usually accompanied by handsome monetary payments.

Israel and the USA are not facing a solely military unit or a band of independent terrorists but rather a national and religious movement supported by an international grouping of Islamo-Fascist societies undifferentiated into hostile and non-combatant populations. We are now seeing this same Jihadist satanic warfare being practiced by non-Arab converts to Islam in the US, Britain, Holland, and other non-Arab, non-Moslem countries.

These people are not poor downtrodden "victims of occupation who have no other choice" as many in the Western press portray suicide murderers. Non-Arab converts in America who have been raised in a democratic environment that values life and equal opportunity who go out and shoot passersby because they are not Moslem or try to blow up an airliner with explosives in their shoes have joined the same Jihadist Satanic cult that has declared war on the non-Islamic world.

Inexplicably, and dangerously, America and Europe continue to reject the fact that their existence as nations, not just their occupying armies in Iraq, are in the crosshairs of Islamic weapons and insist on calling their current efforts a "war on terror." If they continue to only fight a war on terror, they will never win since terror is only one of many tactics: guerilla warfare, conventional warfare, economic blackmail, propaganda and mis-information, disguise and dirty tricks, all of which are currently being used against the West.

The first rule in warfare is to know your enemy – who he is and what his goals are. If you incorrectly define your enemy and misjudge his intentions, you are doomed to defeat from the beginning regardless of your technological superiority. This has been illustrated throughout history from the Trojan Horse up until the plastic knives used by the hijackers on Sept 11.

Second, the Allies in WWII ultimately realized, in contrast to another modern mantra – "There is no military solution – only a political solution" - that existential wars have only military solutions which dictate the political reshuffling that follows.

In the wake of the "political solutions" early on in Hitler's methodical push to take over Europe, that strengthened Germany with Austria, the Sudetenland and Czechoslavakia, and Japan with SE Asia, the Allies belatedly focused on military victory. Faced then too with suicide bombers (called kamikazes by the Japanese) the Allies did not futilely chase "ticking bombs" after their launching. Instead they dealt with the enemy’s aggressive societies as a whole. The German and Japanese societies cherished death and killing as something honorable; they ridiculed civilian suffering – slaughtering masses of people with no emotion or remorse.

When treated to a taste of their own tactics, and crushed with overwhelming force, both the Nazi and Japanese fascist regimes disintegrated as did their popular national support. It should be remembered that the German and Japanese societies were more organized and sophisticated than the Arab societies of today. And they were more united as peoples than the various Arabs states of today, including radical Islamic regimes such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, etc.

The defeat of the fascist countries in WWII was so complete and such a shock to their peoples that there was virtually no violent resistance or underground movements in either Germany or Japan from the end of the war until this day even though the US maintains large military forces in both countries, forces that are a constant irritant and reminder of the humiliating defeat in WWII.

Probably the most telling fact that illustrates the complete defeat of the fascist nations and contrasts starkly with the Iraqi reality today is that the total number of combat casualties for Allied forces in occupied Germany and Japan after WWII and continuing for some 20 years following the Axis surrender was - zero.

Israel’s moral behavior is far above average among the nations – it will always try to avoid causing unnecessary civilian casualties. However it must be recognized that inadvertent civilian casualties will result from military action – that is the price the Palestinian population must pay for supporting a war of genocide against the state of Israel.

The reluctance by Israel to use force, and the recurring one- sided retreat from territory (Oslo Accord retreats in the mid-90's; the flight from Lebanon in May 2000; the destruction of all Jewish presence in Gush Katif and northern Samaria and the forced deportation of its entire Jewish population; the promise by Sharon and now Olmert of more retreats to come; the hesitancy to use force to stop the ongoing rocket and missile attacks against Sderot and Ashkelon) are an open admission of defeat in Islamic eyes and simply encourage them to increase their war efforts against the Jews.

The immediate result of Israel's head-long flight from Lebanon in May 2000 was the Palestinians' war on Israel launched four months later and now in its eighth year. The medium-term result of this decade-old retreat-in-the-face-of- military-pressure message being sent to the Islamists (and being clearly received all over the Islamic world) is the creation of an Islamo-Fascist operations center and breeding factory in Gaza inhabited by not only Hamas and Islamic Jihad but now also Hizbullah and Al Qaeda cells that have spread to the Sinai and Judea and Samaria.

Israel's defeatist withdrawals also encouraged Bin Laden and Zarkawi in their war against the US and Britain. And Israel's decline is encouraging increasing numbers of Israeli Arabs and Druze citizens to participate in terrorist activities against the state as they perceive a shifting of power and fluctuating long term interests.

Over 1600 Israeli citizens have been murdered in the 10 years since the Oslo Accords were signed. Open warfare has been conducted by the Palestinians in the past eight years with 1200 victims on the Israeli side (compared with 679 casualties in the full scale Six Day War against three regular armies). How much longer will it take for Israel to realize it is faced with an existential war and behave accordingly?

This is a long-term national/religious struggle that will either be won or lost – there will be no middle ground. If the reader has any doubt he is invited to contact Ismail Haniya, Ahmandinejad, or Nasrallah, And this war is not only Israel’s but the West as a whole – the eyes of Islam are watching from Egypt to Saudi Arabia to Iran - the Islamic Jihad in all of its forms who are measuring Israel’s national will, and that of America, to fight.
with permissions from UCI

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