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Transcript of Osama Bin Laden Audio Tape

March 19, 2008
The NEFA Foundation has obtained a copy of a new audio recording from Al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden, titled, "May Our Mothers Be Bereaved Of Us If We Fail to Help Our Prophet."

During his speech, Bin Laden once again condemned the publication of cartoons in Denmark deemed offensive to Islam, and the subsequent defense of their publication on free speech grounds.

To Access the transcript, and to view the PDF file, CLICK HERE
The title is:
Usama Bin Laden: "May Our Mothers Be Bereaved Of Us If We Fail to Help Our Prophet"

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The NEFA Foundation is a non-profit organization created after the attacks of September 11, 2001. The Foundation strives to help prevent future tragedies in the U.S. and abroad by exposing those responsible for planning, funding, and executing terrorist activities, with a particular emphasis on Islamic militant organizations.

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