Moqtada Sadr in Coma - Death Near?

Written by Right Side News

Editors Note: Alot of chatter about Mogtada Sadr, and the food poisoning that puts him in a coma....

While the Main Stream Media has ignored the event, sources in Iran confirm that Moqtada Sadr, the Shiite maverick Iraqi cleric, who runs the pro-Iran Sadr Brigade hit squads inside Iraq, is in an Iranian hospital, in a coma after "food poisoning".
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Memri Blog
While Iranian and Russian doctors are at his bedside, sources in Iran state that he will not emerge alive! (Almost verbatim translation). Interesting how this comes on the heels of Iranian President Ahmadi-Nejad the Turd's recent visit to Iraq. And his talks with Iraqi government officials for whom Sadr was a thorn in their side.

The quid pro quo for Iran removing the thorn remains to be seen. May or may not be in America's favor but should help stabilize and reduce the longer term violence among Iraqis. Iran used the Hezbollah to fatally remove long sought terrorist Mughniyeh in Syria (car bomb) to prevent him falling into US extraction team hands.

Sadr may have threatened to give up Iranian activities in Iraq unless Iran backed his deadly activities without reservation and also had a second strike of being a problem for Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki, with whom Iran is trying to "make nice" for tactical and strategic reasons. More details as and if they appear. Some Iraq Iran affiliation background
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