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Global Jihad
On 02/27/2008 morning few missiles were fired, by an ISRAELI unmanned aircraft, toward a convoy of two minivans in Gaza on the coast road, South of Gaza City. Five members of the Military branch of Hamas “Az a Din al-Qassam Brigade” were killed and one critically wounded

Few hours later the HAMAS confirmed the death of its activists, but, not as usual, did not add any more details, such as the unit they belonged to, former activity in the HAMAS, action and attacks against Israel that the killed warriors participated in. The HAMAS just mentioned the names without any details.

According to ISRAELI Intelligence the 5 HAMAS members returned recently from Iran and Lebanon, where they went through special military training, especially in coordinating long range fire, such as mortars shells and rockets, in order to support and back a ground raid or assault. The Hizbullah is highly trained in executing an efficient supportive fire and managed, time and again, to confuse the ISRAELI IDF as to what was the real purpose of the fire and where is the focus in Hizbullah activity. Hizbullah also was successful in preventing ISRAELI reinforcement from reaching, on time, to the places where they were really needed.

ISRAELI Intelligence also claimed that the HAMAS activists were on their way to yet another drill in preparation to a future terror attack, possibly as part of a campaign against Israel, coordinated by Hizbullah, to revenge Imad Mugniyah’s assassination in Damascus on 02/12/2008 night. According to Muslim tradition revenge is allowed only after the 40 days of mourning – from the end of 03/2008. (See - Mughniyah's Death )

In response the HAMAS fired in the evening a barrage of 60 Qassam rockets toward Shderot and Ashkelon, a record high number, which killed a 49 old father of four, wounded two other by-passers. The Qassam rockets were fired from within the most populated areas in Gaza to limit the ISRAELI response, in fact to use civilians as human shield.  The civil lives of about 150,000 people in Israel were completely disrupted when people were forced to stay, for many hours, in shelters, not to mention the stress and the psychological effects.

Late at night ISRAELI aircrafts attacked the building of the Hamas interior ministry that is in charge of the HAMAS security forces and is functioning as a military headquarter. A five months child was killed but no HAMAS personal was hurt.

The situation in Gaza is speeding toward a decisive point where Israel will not tolerate any more, on one hand, the daily shelling of its civilians, the economical losses of those living in the range of the Qassam rockets and the crawling desertion of the population and, on the other hand, the fast transformation of Gaza Strip to an extension of Hizbullah and the IRANIAN Revolutionary Guard.

SOURCE: Global Jihad

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