An Analysis of the Spanish Suicide Bombers Case

Written by Douglas Farah

February 22, 2008
The NEFA Foundation has released a new report by NEFA Senior Investigator Douglas Farah titled "An Analysis of the Spanish Suicide Bombers Case." The report studies a recent criminal case in Madrid focusing on 10 individuals, nine of them citizens of Pakistan and one of India, who were detained shortly before carrying out what police describe as an imminent terrorist attack on Spanish soil.

The case in discussion is based on the following document which was filed in the Spanish court in January 2008: Case 30/2008-C, Before Judge Ismael Moreno Chamarro, Magistrate Judge Central Court of Instruction #2 Madrid, Spain. January 23, 2008. All citations are taken directly from this official court document, and translated by the author. Complete Report in PDF click HERE

The NEFA Foundation is a non-profit organization created after the attacks of September 11, 2001. The Foundation strives to help prevent future tragedies in the U.S. and abroad by exposing those responsible for planning, funding, and executing terrorist activities, with a particular emphasis on Islamic militant organizations.
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