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Remove Keith Ellison from Anti-Semitism Task Force

Ellison's dealings with Radical Islamic Groups call for his removal from Anti-Semitism Task Force
Joe Kaufman, February 13, 2008

Editors Note:Why can't folks see that having Ellison on an Anti-Semitic Task Force is an oxymoron, I would like to see anyone with a brain defend his presence on this task force that was formed last fall for the purpose of defending the Jewish people against prejudice and persecution. Ellisons own actions and connections are contrary to the mission of this task force.

Yesterday, a delegation from Americans Against Hate (AAH) met with Congressman Ron Klein (D-Florida) for a little over a half hour to discuss Congressman Keith Ellison’s (D-Minnesota) participation in the recently created Congressional Task Force on Anti-Semitism (CTFAS) and to ask for his removal as a member of the task force. Congressman Klein Co-Chairs CTFAS with Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana).

AAH displayed for Congressman Klein a number of documents showing direct contact between Congressman Ellison and radical Muslim organizations, which included the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Both MAS and CAIR have been named by the U.S. government as being part of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), a radical Islamic organization based in Egypt. CAIR, as well, has been tied to Hamas.

One of the exhibits was a part of the program from an event sponsored by the North American Imams Federation (NAIF) in November of 2006. It contained a photo of Ellison next to the photos of Al-Qaeda web designer Mazen Mokhtar and “unindicted co-conspirator” of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Siraj Wahhaj.

Another exhibit showed violently anti-Jewish, anti-Christian and pro-Hamas statements from the website of the Minnesota chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS-Minnesota). These statements were up on the site when Congressman Ellison spoke in front of the group in May of 2007, and they were up on the site this month when he spoke at a memorial for MAS-Minnesota’s President who was killed in an auto accident in Saudi Arabia on January 26th.

AAH Chairman Joe Kaufman, who led the delegation, stated, “We are grateful that Congressman Klein gave us a forum to speak with him about this very serious matter and that he is going to follow it up with further investigation. We are now hoping that he takes the necessary action to remove Congressman Ellison from the anti-Semitism task force. No one should ever have the opportunity to become a member of an organization whose mission is to fight anti-Semitism, if that individual is involved with hate groups, especially ones that promote anti-Semitism.”

SOURCE:Americans Against Hate

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