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It is Time for Olmert to Resign

Right Side News - Editor's Note
February 11, 2008
As an American observer, I find it unbelievable that Olmert has held on for so long.  His inept handling of the war, the rockets, and the scandals that have been on the front pages of their newspapers for a very long time now.  We had Bill Clinton, though, so both the Israelis and the Americans have more in common than one would think.

Like the Israelis, we can not control our borders although we have the best equipped and most advanced military the world have ever seen.  Like the Israelis, we have a growing threat within our land.  For example, the Muslim Student Association's systematic Islamification of our University system disguised in political correctness. The exponential growth of Shari'a Mosques within our land to radicalize our citizens weakens and threatens our republic and the Judeo-Christian fabric of our country.  We even have Islamist compounds in our land, where gun fire can be heard, as the participants practice (for what?)with their high powered rifles.

I am fed up with it.  Our political leaders squander our country and pander to socialist elites and give into radical elements. 
Today, when reading the news from Israel, I could just hear my heart and brain come together in a unified thought.   Olmert, RESIGN for the good of your country!  But, what's the voice of an American way over here.  Those voices must come from the Israelis, a thunderous and unified voice.  I hope I hear that soon, before they loose it all.  Gaza, the PA, Abbas, Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hizbollah, just to name some of them, but all of Israel's enemies will face the wrath of God one day, and that day is closer now than ever before.

Sometimes I think both the Americans and the Iraelis are in the same boat, as their struggles spell future events in our country.  Will the Mexicans be firing rockets over our fence one day? Will the US be dividing land in California, Arizona, and other states, giving sanctuary to a subculture that will subvert and undermine our country's strength and freedoms?

The pendulums swings, and how far will it go? Will it go so far left that it snaps off, never to return?

The world watches Israel when will Israel rise up and vanquish the enemy?
The world watches the United States when will their people become We the People again?

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