Nasrallah Becoming Israeli Asset?

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The Lekarev Report
Jan 21, 2008
In a public statement on Saturday, Hizbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said his group 'holds the heads of Israeli troops as well as a nearly intact cadaver." His words were condemned by the IDF last night as "cynical and vicious."

Military officials refused to directly address Nasrallah's remarks but hinted that he did not refer to abducted IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. The sources also noted that all religious laws pertaining to Jewish burial were implemented with regards to the 119 IDF soldiers killed in the Second Lebanon War.
Nasrallah's words were considered nothing short of dreadful, repugnant, and horrifying. His words made our blood boil, wrote one commentator, and impassioned calls for providing the "sewer rat" with a one-way ticket to the cemetery soon followed.

However, and as odd as this may sound, the Hizbullah chief's twisted rhetoric is actually good for Israel in the opinion of Yigal Walt, a Ynet analyst. Our enemies may spend endless hours claiming that Islamists are inherently good,writes Walt, but a little quality time with uncle Hassan makes all such efforts futile.

The face of Islam as reflected through the words and actions of Nasrallah is that Islam has been reduced to a butcher shop trading in body parts. It is reported that his speech caused discomfort and embarrassment, even among Arab media agencies who chose to focus on his political statements and carefully edited out the objectionable rhetoric.

This behavior, can in fact, become an asset to Israel. Like Ahmadinehad of Iran, whose fiery statements calling for the obliteration of Israel do not go down well with much of the rest of humanity, Nasrallah's gory speeches only cause him to sink lower and lower into the disdain of sensible human beings. As such, every time he opens his mouth to speak like this, Israel benefits.

SOURCE: The Lekaev Report

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