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Al-Qaeda in Algeria Takes Responsibility for Algiers Bombings

From Memri:
The Islamist website, hosted by NOC4Hosts Inc. in Florida, USA, has posted a communiqué by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb taking responsibility for the two December 11, 2007 bombings in Algiers. The communiqué gives details about the bombings, referred to as the "Martyr Sufyan Abu Haydara attacks,"(1) and explains the organization's motives for carrying them out.
The following are excerpts:

 "The Lions of Faith have written, with their blood, yet another successful attack... meant to defend the wounded Islamic nation and harm the Crusaders and those who collaborate with them. On the eve of the blessed [festival of] Eid Al-Adha, we are happy to inform the Muslim nation that a group of our men has carried out two martyrdom operations. [One was carried out by] the heroic martyr Sheikh Ibrahim Abu 'Othman, who set out this morning in a truck loaded with no less than 800 kilograms of explosives in order to pulverize the den of global heresy, [namely] the main headquarters of the United Nations in Algiers... According to the preliminary assessment of our special sources, at least 60 Crusaders and apostates were killed in the explosion, and dozens of others were wounded. The building was completely destroyed. "

[The second operation] was carried out by 'Abd Al-Rahman Abu 'Abd Al-Nasser Al-'Asimi, who [likewise] set out in a truck loaded with no less than 800 kilograms of explosives, and, at the very same hour, attacked the Constitutional Council building, which is right next to the police academy... Our special sources report that this explosion killed at least 50 apostates and wounded dozens...

"Oh infidels and apostates, this attack – [called] the 'Martyr Sufyan Abu Haydara attack' – was meant to clarify matters and dispel the myths and illusions you have been spreading. It comes to dispel the myth that 'the hard core [of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb] was destroyed [after Abu Haydara's death]' – for Abu Haydara's successor, commander Hadhifa Abu Yunis Al-'Asimi, who is the present commander [of the organization] in the central region, is defeating you and proving to you – in deeds, not in words – that all of the jihad fighters are [part of] the 'hard core'... If one falls, another just like him picks up the banner...   Continue to full article
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