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Saudi Monies Pour into K-12 USA

from National Review:Stanley Kurtz Dec 12, 2007
Saudi Money So what about Saudi money? Saudi's have managed to capture and use the "public outreach" programs mandated under Title VI to shape America's K-12 education on the Middle East. You can read about that in "
Saudi in the Classroom"  The only good news out of the House Democrats' version of Title VI is that they have at least implicitly acknowledged the problem. The House bill includes a new provision requiring programs supported by Title VI subsidies to report foreign gifts. Taking Sides on Title VI Middle East Studies reform goes partisan. By Stanley Kurtz In “Saudi in the Classroom,” I explained how the Saudis are using federal subsidies to university programs of Middle East Studies (under Title VI of the Higher Education Act) as a kind of Trojan horse to gain influence over American K-12 education. Unfortunately, House Democrats seem willing to let the Saudis get away with it.

Although the Senate has already passed a very reasonable bipartisan compromise on Title VI (crafted by Senators Kennedy and Enzi), the House appears to have buckled to pressure from the higher education lobby, and gutted nearly every previously proposed reform of this troubled federal program. The radical professors who control MESA (the Middle East Studies Association) have been pressing to gut Title VI reform, and the House Democrats have clearly listened. When you compare the House Democrats’ stance on Title VI with the conduct of both parties in previous years, you get a surprisingly clear illustration of the shift toward radicalism and partisanship by the post-2006 Dems.   Complete Article, go to National Review--Click
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