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CAIR - Anything but American

CAIR, a powerful and well-funded lobby group, has been targeting Savage's radio advertisers with a campaign of lies and intimidation. Every single advertiser has been pressured, and a few have caved in to the heavy-handed threats" This"Council of American-Islamic Relations" is an enemy to our very own Bill of Rights!
As long as they are speaking, everything is fine, but as soon as I or YOU speak and exercise our freedom, its NOT!   I commend World Net Daily and Michael Savage for standing up to these intolerant folks that have phobias to our Constitution and freedoms.

Its about time CAIR was confronted for their grandstanding, two-faced, and double talking agendas....... for their UNAMERICAN values of intolerance, and their disrespect to our Constitution and way of life. I think they should just pack up and go away from our land. So much for my rant....

Now, lets get to the issues World Net Daily has on their website today.  Excellent and they stepped up to the plate, as our mainstream media and others turned the other cheek.

Joseph Farah and World Nets Links

CAIR – anything but'American
December 4, 2007 1:00 a.m. Eastern I'm proud of my friend and colleague Michael Savage today for standing up against the un-American bullies at the so-called "Council on American-Islamic Relations." I'm here to endorse his lawsuit and offer any help he needs in combating these thugs who seek to narrow the public debate in America, apparently to conform to the wishes and standards of their foreign supporters in some of the most vicious police states in the world.

CAIR called 'turnstile' for terrorist suspects '
Proven record of senior officials being indicted, imprisoned, deported from U.S.' 
Posted: December 4, 2007 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2007 As the Council on American-Islamic Relations lobbies Congress to help strike its name from a list of co-conspirators in a federal terror case, WND has learned the Muslim group's ties to terrorism and extremism are far more extensive than first believed.

CAIR backs film praising convicted terror supporter Group urges Muslims to buy tickets to al-Arian premiere
Posted: December 4, 2007 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2007 The Council on American-Islamic Relations is co-sponsoring the premiere of a documentary film that canonizes convicted terrorist supporter Sami al-Arian.

and the list goes on and on......CAIR is un-American, and against our Constitution and way of life
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