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Persian Gulf Upate Iran - US Centcom Fuel purchases

JB's Note:This is from DEBKAfile, and have found other news sources reporting supporting activity, links provided below.  Reuters and other mainstream news substantiate that a possible military operation against Iran is only a COMMAND away. Of course, we have been here for sometime....this is coupled with Iranian Naval activities and a new submarine, see below....

US Central Command’s stepped-up charter of extra tankers and fuel purchases portend high naval activity in Persian Gulf-

Shipping and oil industry sources suggest CENTCOM, whose area includes the American Fifth Fleet’s aircraft carriers cruising the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea, may be stocking in extra fuel ahead of extended operations off or on Iran’s shores. SOURCE:DEBKAfile

LONDON, Nov 23 (Reuters) - The U.S. military has stepped up chartering of tankers and requests for extra fuel in the U.S. Central Command area, which includes the Gulf, shipping and oil industry sources say.

Iranian Navy to hold maneuver in Strait of Hormuz, Iran Times
TEHRAN - Iran plans to hold a maneuver in the Sea of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz, Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayari revealed here on Saturday.

The maneuver codenamed “Etehad 86” (Unity 86) is intended to increase the military capabilities of the Iranian Navy, the commander explained. “The Etehad 86 maneuver will be held in February,” he told a press conference. New submarine Sayari gave news of a new locally-made submarine which will join the Navy soon.

“Through the efforts of its specialists, now the Navy has produced a new submarine,” he told reporters, adding that the submarine was to be delivered to the Navy on November 28, the date marking the National Navy Day. Iran has no plan to close the Strait of Hormuz “We have no plans to close the Strait of Hormuz, but we are ready to carry out any operation so to guard our interests,” Sayari stressed.

The Navy has the ability to give proportional response to any kind of threat posed by the enemy, the top commander explained. The Islamic Republic of Iran is not a threat to any country, but would not allow any country to threaten its territorial integrity, he noted. The Navy has the potential to control all enemy movements in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman and to give a crushing answer to enemies when needed thanks to domestically-made equipment, the top commander said.
U.S. fleet Asked about the presence of the U.S. fleet in the Persian Gulf, he said the presence of the U.S. fleet in the region is only a propaganda campaign against Iran. “The Navy is monitoring all regional and extra-regional movements by the enemy, and will not allow any wrong moves to be taken,” he explained. Iran poses no threat to region The navy commander stated that Iran poses no threat to regional countries.

“Security can be established in the region only through a cooperation of regional countries, and the Islamic Republic is not a threat to any country,” he reiterated. Iran has the ability to defend its borders and establish peace in the Middle East with the help of regional countries, he insisted, adding, “I believe that foreign forces should leave the region as soon as possible so to escape the quagmire they have created for themselves.  
Iran to launch homemade submarine

Days ahead of the Annapolis peace conference, Iran flexed its military muscles on Saturday, announcing plans to unveil a new homemade submarine and navy destroyer later this week.

Iranian Naval Commander Admiral Habib Sayyari said Saturday that the navy would launch a homemade destroyer called Jamaran and a submarine called Ghadir on November 28.

Ghadir is a religious holiday which marks the day Shi'ite Muslims believe the prophet Muhammad gave his last sermon and confirmed Ali ibn Abi Talib's appointment as his successor.

Sayyari told the Iranian Fars News Agency that Iran's military capabilities served as a deterrent, but: "If the enemy makes a mistake, he will receive such a powerful second strike that he won't be able to stand up." Iran has boasted in the past that its new Ghadir-class submarine could not be detected and was capable of firing missiles and torpedoes simultaneously.

According to, Iran's Navy has at least three Russian-built SSK Kilo-class submarines. In August, Iran test-fired a new submarine-to-surface missile during war games in the Persian Gulf.

Iran's current arsenal includes several types of torpedoes, including the Hoot, Farsi for "whale," which was tested for the first time in April and is capable of moving at some 357 kph, up to four times faster than a normal torpedo.

Sayyari told the news agency that his troops were closely monitoring US maneuvers in the region. "No move in the Sea of Oman, the Persian Gulf or the Strait of Hormoz could remain hidden from our eyes. The naval force is in full control over the region and monitors all the military moves of the enemies in the region," he said.

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