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Multiculturalism Exposes the US to Terrorism

by Frank Salvato

The people of the United States, for all practical purposes, like to believe we are fair-minded. We believe that everyone should get a fair shot. Most of us believe that if you work hard you should get ahead. Many of us have even embraced the ever advancing multiculturalism counter-culture, which is completely antithetical to the concept of E Pluribus Unum; “Out of many, one.”

With regard to the latter, vindication has come to those of us who believe we are fair-minded while being opposed to the “Balkanization” of the United States.

It would seem that in our nation’s quest to prove to the world that we are inclusive and tolerant we have, literally, allowed those who want to kill us into some of the most sensitive areas of our government, areas where they put our national security at risk.

In two recent and separate instances, individuals linked to terrorism organizations have been allowed to rise to important positions within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition the Inspector General for the United States Agency for International Development has issued a report that states:
"...policies, procedures, and controls are not adequate to reasonably ensure against providing assistance to terrorists...[ USAID's] policies or procedures do not require the vetting of potential or current USAID partners."

The USAID internal audit came in the aftermath of a fierce gunbattle between Hamas and al Fatah terrorists at the Hamas administrated Islamic University in Gaza. After the battle, large caches of weapons and ammunition were displayed, recovered from inside the university. The Islamic University in Gaza received more than $140,000 in funding from USAID. Hamas is a State Department designated terrorist organization.

At the FBI, Nada Nadim Prouty, a 37-year old Lebanese national who entered into a sham marriage to gain citizenship, is suspected of being a double-agent for Hezbollah, the Shi’ite terrorist group created by the insurgents who toppled the legitimate Iranian government in 1979. Prouty transitioned from performing as an FBI agent tasked with probing crimes against Americans overseas to a clandestine CIA operative in the Middle East with access to sensitive data.
At the EPA, Waheeda Tehseen, a 49-year old Pakistani national, who falsified information on her government job application, attained a sensitive position as a toxicologist at the agency. She attained this position regardless of the fact that she was not a US citizen.
Tehseen occupied this position, one that afforded her access to classified information, even though her husband had deep ties to Pakistani intelligence (an organization with a history of tacit and sometimes material support for the Taliban and al Qaeda). She and her husband, while she was employed at the EPA, also ran an Islamic “charity” organization – Help Orphans and Widows – which functioned as a front for Osama bin Laden’s inner circle in Peshwar, Pakistan. HOW was found to have funneled money through the Missouri-based Islamic American Relief Agency to al Qaeda.
An FBI agent familiar with the case said, "She had big-time contacts with al-Qaeda, including with people just once removed from bin Laden himself."

In each of these instances the faulty element that allowed the infiltration of sensitive positions in the US government and the aiding and abetting of avowed enemies of the United States was the vetting process. In the case of the two enemy operatives in the CIA and the FBI it was not looking thoroughly enough into their pasts, their affiliations and the facts about who they were. In the case of USAID it was simply a lack of vetting at all.

It is, of course, easy to understand how such a thing might happen, especially in the cases of Prouty and Tehseen. The unconstitutionally mandated shadow laws of political correctness, which function in parallel to our legitimate constitutionally sanctioned legal system, puts in place Gorelick-like barriers that make it impossible to employ common sense and logic when it comes to identifying potential enemy operatives.

People vetting potential candidates for sensitive positions cannot "dig deeper" into someone's past because of their nationalities or their religious affiliations. To do so would be considered "profiling." And while profiling has, time and again, been proven to be one of the most effective tools in law enforcement and maintaining national security, those who adhere to the destructive and one-dimensional tenets of political correctness and multiculturalism have made it socially unacceptable to employ the tool. Even more pathetic is that those in our government have acquiesced to the will of the American Fifth Column, placing our national security and the future of our country at risk in order to be seen as "tolerant" and "inclusive."

Our country is facing what I consider to be the "perfect storm."
We have a powerful foe in radical Islamofascists who want to destroy our country. They want to eliminate our constitutional Republic, replacing it with a government run under the totalitarian tenets of Sharia Law. And as they prey on the good will of the American people, extracting money under the guise of charity for the oppressed, they have mastered the American legal system and are effectively using it against us, even as they establish enclaves of radical ideology within the borders of the United States.

We have another foe in the American Fifth Column, a group of visionless lemmings adherent to the Marxist/Leninist dictums of Socialism, who promote political correctness and multiculturalism. This group champions a mythical one-world utopia over the principles of self-sufficiency, liberty and personal freedom. They promote a caretaker government that provides as many entitlements and services as can be established through the extraction of private income while empowering that same government as the arbiter of all societal parameters regardless of the liberties granted to us under the United States Constitution.

Lastly, we have an American citizenry, who, because institutionalized education has moved away from instilling critical thinking skills in deference to special interest indoctrination, doesn’t understand the ideology behind the principles that founded our nation. Couple this with the fact that our society has grown to be incredibly narcissistic, and you achieve a populace so apathetic and unaware of the critical events taking place directly in front of their faces "in real time" that their freedoms will have already been abolished before they are motivated to defend them.

In order to quell this perfect storm, in order to survive as the constitutional Republic, the democratic Republic that we are, we must understand the threats we face. We must discard the ideological shackles of the American Fifth Column and we must defend our freedoms, our liberties, and demand that our government live up to their constitutional obligation of guaranteeing the security of the inalienable rights set out in The Charters of Freedom.
This time, the enemies who slipped past the gate were caught. We were lucky. The next time we may not be. Who knows, maybe the operative who will cause the most damage is already in place. I guess we’ll know when the time comes. Then it will be too late.
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Frank Salvato is the Executive Director and Director of Terrorism Research for Basics Project a non-profit, non-partisan, 501(C)(3) research and education initiative. His writing has been recognized by the US House International Relations Committee and the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention. His organization, Basics Project, partnered in producing the first ever national symposium series addressing the root causes of radical Islamist terrorism. He also serves as the managing editor for The New Media Journal. Mr. Salvato has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor on FOX News Channel and is the host of the NMJ Radio show broadcast global on NetTalkWorld global talk radio and broadcast live on BlogTalk Radio. He is a regular guest on The Right Balance with Greg Allen on the Accent Radio Network, syndicated on over 25 stations nationally and on The Captain's America Radio Show catering to the US Armed Forces around the world, as well as an occasional guests on radio programs across the country. His opinion-editorials are syndicated nationally and he is occasionally quoted in The Federalist. Mr. Salvato is available for public speaking engagements. He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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