Watching The Watchers - by Looking in the Mirror

Written by Ernest McDermon


by Ernest McDermon
I read with interest this morning (on my usual cruise of Internet commentary sites) that Air America afternoon hostess Randi Rhodes was the victim of what was described as a vicious mugging. The attractive Ms. Rhodes lost several teeth and was injured seriously enough to lose work for several days according to reports appearing on the Internet.


The initial report of the mugging apparently was given by Air America's Jon Elliott, on his late night show early Tuesday morning..."It is with sadness that tonight I inform you that my Air America colleague Randi Rhodes was assaulted last night while walking her dog near her New York City home." 

Elliott used this opening to go ahead and insinuate that the misfortune that had befallen his fellow employee was probably a "hate crime" and he wondered aloud on air..."Is this an attempt by the right wing hate machine to silence one of our own? Are we threatening them? Are they afraid that we're winning? Are they trying to silence or intimidate us?"

Similar to the reaction of the faculty at Duke University upon hearing allegations of a gang rape committed by members of the Duke Lacrosse team, insinuations like those championed by Jon Elliott didn't take long to whip the far left, tin foil hat brigades into a frenzy of hate.  In a matter of hours in the rarified air of the left-wing blogosphere, commentators decried the vicious attack as certainly having been a conservative hit job on a fearless Air America commentator.

On the website Watching The Watchers , one "needlenosehanty" ventured "For you out there on the right who seem to get your rocks off over stories like this, let me just say this one thing....you are PATHETIC, sick, and deserve to have Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain as your choices for president!!

What the %$#$ is WRONG with you people?? Are you that SICK in the head that just because you don't agree with someone's political views you believe that they deserve to be mugged? Are you on the right that DEMENTED??

And what REAL MEN these righties were huh?? Beating up on a WOMAN!! There's your MEN on the right, woman beating, bathroom stall sexing, little boy diddling jerks!"
Later reports on the Internet revealed that the NYPD had not received any report of a mugging, and Ms. Rhodes is reported to have confirmed that she was not mugged.  It appears now that she fell down while walking her dog, and in the process lost two teeth and was badly injured.  This is a far cry from Mr. Elliott's baseless depictions of the accident as a "mugging".

Falls are not uncommon, but can be serious.  While in Special Forces in the 80's, on a training exercise in Florida, I had rucksacked some 18 miles in the morning, and then made a parachute jump in the afternoon.  A friend broke his arm on the jump and had to go to the hospital.  While visiting him in his hospital room I started becoming dizzy, and suddenly found myself on the floor being examined by a doctor and a nurse! 

Fortunately since I was already in a hospital, they wheeled me downstairs to the Emergency Room where upon examination, my fainting spell was found to have been caused by an electrolyte imbalance from the day's activities, and not enough fluid intake in the hot, humid Gulf Coast air.

The prescription?  Iced water and some left over birthday cake in the Emergency Room, and the doctor's recommendation that I get a pizza and drink some beer that night!

Let's hope that Ms. Rhodes recovers soon, and that a good restorative Dentist will be able to repair her lovely smile.  I for one, do not wish her ill.

Siamese fighting fish will attack another of their species on sight.  If you take a mirror to their aquarium, they'll immediately become combative towards their reflected image.  I think of this when I read some of the comments on "Watching the Watchers" or watch a Robert Redford movie.  Many liberals seem convinced that an all powerful government is tapping their telephones, reading their e-mail, and looking for ways to spy on them. 

Their obsession becomes paranoia, and evinces outbursts like Mr. Elliott's where a stumble while walking the dog, is not just an accident, but an attempt by members of Hillary Clinton's "vast right wing conspiracy" to silence them.  Every event in life...accident, comment or even a fall...takes on sinister meaning in their world.

Unlike our friend the Siamese Fighting Fish doomed to always fight even a reflection of itself, perhaps one of these days those who consider themselves to be "Watching the Watchers" will realize that all along, they've been looking in a mirror.

Contributing Editor for RightSideNews - Ernest McDermon is a former Army Officer, a website designer, and a conservative writer commenting on domestic and foreign affairs.

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