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Conservative commentators setting the stage for failure

I have argued recently  that conservative talk show hosts seem to lack the courage to practice what they preach. Today, while listening to Andrew Wilkow on Sirius Patriot 144, my position was reaffirmed. Andrew was lecturing the audience about "infighting" in the Republican Party and how that is going to benefit Hillary Clinton.

Once again a conservative commentator accused principled conservatives of being willing to hand Hillary the election out of spite. I suggest that Andrew, Rush, and most of the other hosts are off base with their lazy support for top-tier candidates, specifically Rudy Giuliani.

They may excuse themselves by claiming that it is too soon to endorse a candidate, while lecturing their audiences to toe the party line and vote for the designated nominee regardless of his positions. They either refuse to acknowledge the conservative candidates in the race or they are afraid of being wrong by supporting a long shot.

They do all this in the very same broadcasts that espouse conservatism, immigration enforcement, and the travesty of abortion! Common sense tells me that these commentators could make a difference given their massive audiences. One is left to wonder which of the two reasons for not doing the underlying cause: Are they lazy or are they scared of taking a stand and not winning?

Sam Pierce

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