Commentary on USA and Mexico's Foreign Policy

Written by Ruthie Hendrycks

Commentary on USA and Mexico's Foreign Policy

(and the Iranian Connection)
By Ruthie Hendrycks
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform (MINN SIR)

As you know MINN SIR focuses on issues within illegal immigration - and many of the issues of today - in some way do involve the current lack of this Administration to actively approach, act and enforce laws that would stem the continued assault we are experiencing.

The issue of the war is seldom discussed in our forum - even though proof that terrorists have and will continue to enter the US thru our borders is available. However, this newest development should not only alarm - We The People - but those in our Political sector as well. Yet, we are not educated by the MSM, Homeland Security etc to the pending dangers.

The Islamic Republic of Iran poses a serious security concern to the international community. Along with its continued support for terrorist organizations and comments by The U.S. State Dept. calling Iran an active state sponsor of terrorism.” and Secretary of State C. Rice, “Iran has been the country that has been in many ways a kind of central banker for terrorism" thru entities such as the Council on Foreign Affairs (www.cfr.org/publication/9362 ) WHY THEN.....is there not a nationwide awareness and alarm by this current Administration, DHS and our foreign relations committee to the meetings currently taking place between Mexico and Iran?

In an end of July meeting between Iran's new Ambassador to Mexico Mohammad Hassan Qadiri-Abyaneh and Mexican Deputy Foreign Minister Lurdes de Aranda an agreement to set up a joint economic commission next year- was achieved. Qadiri-Abyaneh, stated that "We intend to strengthen bilateral ties between Iran and Mexico, I have come here with a clear mission, which is improving ties in its highest level and in all dimensions. "We are ready to cooperate with Mexico in the fields of construction of oil refineries and petrochemical complexes." " Qadiri added, "I am sure that mutual ties with Mexico won't be influenced by US pressures and opposition, We are aware that the US is your main trade and economic partner, but it won't cause any obstacles in improving ties with Iran." The Mexican senior diplomat also expressed her country's readiness to expand ties with Iran especially in cultural and economic fields.

The Iranian Connection--Click Here

In light of these new developments - one thing is blatantly obvious and has been for quite sometime. For the security of the United States of America - WE MUST SECURE THE BORDER. Yet, continued talks with the three leaders of Mexico, Canada and the United States remain scheduled in Canada Aug 20 and 21 to continue to discuss the treasonous North American Union - which would in essence eliminate our borders.

What role does Mexico as a borderline Country, within their foreign relations, have with the US? Have we fallen prey to future negotiations (blackmail) by Mexico to institute a immigration reform bill that fits their needs to ensure our safety and could we trust them - even if such as agreement would be made? What is Canada's thoughts for their security with this new development?

For our future, we must get control of our Borders by military force if necessary, enforce the laws on the books and end all discussions of a future North American Union. Our future may very well and in my opinion does depending on it.

MINN. Seeking Immigration Reform
Independent Minnesota Minutemen
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